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Direct Billing

Dealing with insurance paperwork can be as overwhelming as trying to untangle a ball of yarn. We get it! But fear not.  With direct billing, we'll handle all the tedious forms, claims, and phone calls with your insurance company right after your visit. It's like having a personal assistant to deal with the insurance hassle, so you can focus on what really matters – getting the benefits you deserve without the headache.

List of Insurance Providers

Insurance Providers

Acupuncture Insurance in BC

Most extended benefits plans typically cover Acupuncture services. However, since we don't have access to your specific insurance plan, it's best to check with your employer or insurance provider to understand the details of your coverage. We respect your privacy and are unable to access your account or inquire about your specific benefits.

It's important to note that different health plans may have varying levels of coverage. Some plans may offer 100% coverage with unlimited visits, while others may have a set dollar amount for you to utilize. To get accurate information about your coverage, it's best to reach out to your plan provider directly.


In some cases, certain benefits plans may require a physician's referral for reimbursement. It's advisable to check with your provider beforehand if this requirement applies to your plan. Please consult your employer or insurance provider for the specific details of your coverage before your visit.

Coverage Options

Extended Health Insurance

Many extended health insurance plans offer coverage for acupuncture. These plans are typically provided by employers or purchased individually and can cover a range of health-related services, including acupuncture.

Medical Plans

BC MSP Supplementary Benefits provide partial payment for acupuncture services in BC. To apply, individuals must complete the BC Application for Health and Drug Coverage and grant permission for income verification by the Canada Revenue Agency.

Employee Benefits

If you have employee benefits through your employer, there may be provisions for acupuncture coverage. These benefits can vary widely, so reviewing your specific plan or speaking to your human resources department can provide more information.

(Insurance Corporation of British Columbia)

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident in BC, ICBC may cover acupuncture as part of your rehabilitation. See more information about your ICBC coverage on our ICBC page.


I understand that navigating insurance can be confusing. I'll work with you to understand your coverage and ensure that you receive the maximum benefits available to you. I'm committed to making the insurance process as easy and stress-free as possible for my patients. If you have any concerns about your coverage, don't hesitate to contact me. Get in touch and I'll be happy to assist you in any way I can.

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