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Jason Chung, R.Ac, is a registered acupuncturist in British Columbia. 
Born into a medical family, he was exposed to the world of medicine from an early age, with his father being a Korean Medicine Practitioner.  He graduated from PCU College of Holistic Medicine, solidifying his knowledge and expertise in acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. 
Jason has a wealth of experience treating many conditions, from headaches, sprains, and rotator cuff injuries to more complex conditions such as hemiplegia, depression, and digestive issues. He is highly effective in treating headaches and sprains.
He looks forward to helping his patients feel their best and address their needs. 

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Why Choose Chung Acupuncture

Embrace Natural Healing, Rejuvenate Your Body, Rediscover Vitality.

Chung Acupuncture Proper Treatment

Proper Treatment

We believe in providing proper treatment that emphasizes natural healing. Our approach focuses on utilizing safe methods to support your body's innate healing abilities. By incorporating traditional and evidence-based practices, we strive to address the root causes of your health concerns and promote long-lasting wellness.

Chung Acupuncture Personalized Care

1:1 Personalized Care

At Chung Acupuncture, we prioritize 1:1 personalized care, rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theories. We provide individualized attention and treatment tailored to your unique needs and goals. 

Chung Acupuncture Transparent Healing

Transparent Healing

We are dedicated to providing optimal value by aiming for effective care while avoiding over-diagnosis. We prioritize accurate assessments to avoid unnecessary or excessive treatments, promoting responsible healthcare decisions based on your unique needs.

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